How 2 Engineers Are Dominating the Cannabis Industry l Nabis Jun and Vince

JunSup Lee, the co-founder and co-CEO of Nabis, didn’t always envision himself building the largest cannabis distributor. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, JunSup’s journey took him from Harvard University to working as a software engineer at Facebook. However, his passion for solving complex problems and his realization of the potential in the cannabis industry led him to co-found Nabis. Today, Nabis is the world’s largest cannabis wholesale platform and distributor, moving billions of dollars worth of products annually. In this blog post, we will explore JunSup’s background, his journey into the cannabis industry, and the challenges he faced along the way.

From Harvard to Facebook:

JunSup’s journey began when he moved to Massachusetts at the age of 18 to attend Harvard University. Studying applied mathematics and computer science, he developed a strong foundation in problem-solving and critical thinking. After graduating, JunSup joined Facebook as a software engineer. However, he soon realized that his skills and abilities extended beyond just engineering and that he wanted to make a bigger impact in the world.

Discovering the Waves:

In 2017, JunSup identified three emerging waves that caught his attention: machine learning and artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis in California, JunSup observed a shift in people’s perception of the plant and its potential benefits. He saw an opportunity to disrupt the traditional cannabis market, which was loosely regulated and faced logistical challenges. JunSup and his best friend Vince decided to start Nabis, focusing on solving the problem of reliable and efficient cannabis product distribution.

Building Nabis:

Nabis started as a small operation, with JunSup coding for long hours and personally driving deliveries. Their value proposition was simple: reliable and professional cannabis product transportation. As the market grew, Nabis developed a software platform to automate their operations and meet the increasing demand. By controlling the physical movement of goods and ensuring timely deliveries, Nabis differentiated itself from competitors. Today, Nabis moves cannabis products from brands to retailers, providing a range of services and streamlining the supply chain.

Challenges and Successes:

Building a successful cannabis company came with its fair share of challenges. JunSup and his team faced regulatory hurdles, difficulty finding investors, and skepticism from traditional institutions. However, their persistence and belief in their vision paid off. They raised $45 million in equity funding, attracted a diverse range of investors, and established Nabis as a leader in the industry. JunSup’s journey exemplifies the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the ability to solve complex problems.

Looking Ahead:

While Nabis has achieved significant success, JunSup sees it as just the first chapter of his entrepreneurial journey. He envisions himself as a career entrepreneur, continuously tackling complex problems and making a meaningful impact. JunSup believes that anyone, regardless of their background, can solve problems in any subject area by stepping out of their comfort zone. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and highlights the potential for innovation in the cannabis industry.


JunSup Lee’s journey from Harvard to cannabis entrepreneurship showcases the power of determination, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. By recognizing the potential in the cannabis industry and leveraging his expertise, JunSup co-founded Nabis, the world’s largest cannabis wholesale platform and distributor. His story serves as a reminder that success knows no boundaries and that anyone can make a significant impact by stepping outside their comfort zone. As JunSup continues his entrepreneurial journey, he remains committed to solving complex problems and creating a positive change in the world.

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